Friday, 6 January 2017

Bo Go Shi Peo



It’s night
And I am standing
By the lake
While watching the stars
Filling the roof of sky
Within the darkness of night.
The wind blow slowly
Make me very calm
Suddenly I chuckled,
How are you baby?
Have you eaten?
Are you busy as usual?
I miss you
I am sorry
Because leaving you hanging
I am fear
You hate me
I am afraid
You throw me away from your life
You will forget me
For being you friend.
But I never regret,
Stop keeping in touch with you
Because I never ready to hear
Everything that I know what will you say
That I don’t want to hear
Are you happy?
Without my disturbance?
Are you ease?
Without my annoyance?
Don’t you miss me?
Even just as small as nucleus?
But why I feel that
You feel the same way as mine?
You will never know
How much I wish that miracle happen.

What Do You Think Of Me?