Sunday, 4 December 2016


4/12/2016 :)

Trust me, my third time,
Being fool enough
I start to loving you.
Yet I don’t denied
You are the most painful one.
Secretly having crush on you
Continue loving you
Patiently waiting for you
Because of my mistakes,
I make my mind not to disturb you
Not to bother confessing to you
Because I know you are different.
Because I know how hate you are about a girl
Being cheated on you
So, with just my past,
You can reject me from the beginning.
So that’s why I stay just in love with you
Quietly ..
That’s why the last day , I gave you the book
The book full of my thousand feelings about you
Without face to face with you
I told you how I can be fall in love with such a stranger like you
Since the first I met you
Till now
I am so sorry
But I can’t moving on
I am sorry
But I can’t keep my promise to forget you
To forget this feelings.
This feelings, just not wrong.
It’s my mistake saw you at the beginning.
It’s my mistake to want to know you
It’s my mistake to open my heart back
It’s my mistake to dare myself growth this feelings.
If we don’t met at the first place,
You don’t have to face with my annoyance
Am I wrong to love you?
When I know that you won’t replied these stupid feelings.
Am I idiot?
Waiting for miracle to open your heart for me?
Because all I want just
Loving you.
All I need is
Staying beside you.
I had tried to turn to someone else
I tried to look for someone else
Even when there is someone look like you
I just can’t move this feelings.
I can’t bluetooth this feelings to another one.

Because it is not you , you idiot.
So what if you don’t love me back?
Loving you make me happy.
Texting you once a day made my day
Disturbing you make me smile.
I just want to make little things
That can influence you to at least know me
It’s okay if you don’t remember me.
Just know me how much I love you.
It’s difficult, to show it to you
As I am far away from you.
Because I do want to be
The girl who loves you
The girl who can take away the pains
The girl who can put a smile on your face.
The girl who always there for you
The girl who can lean a shoulder for you
The girl who fight for you quietly
The girl who never gives up on you
The girl that you ease on
The girl can place into your heart.
But yet, I am not worth enough, right?
I am not pretty
I am not genius
I have no confidence
I am lack of greatness.
Not same level as you.
But what to do,
This feelings already grow strongly
And after my parents,
I never stop put you in my prayers.
Because now, I put everything on Him
I am sorry, I don’t want to lose you

 I love you.

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