Sunday, 4 December 2016


3/12/2016 :)

I’ve been through it.
I had felt both feelings
How to love and how being love by
Who said I never falling love.
It is just a matter I don’t show it.
Once, I’m fool enough
To make a different between glass and diamond
Then, twice, I’m fool enough
Loving someone who’s hurting me
This person,
He was painful.
Even I know he was cheating me
Having someone else
While I studied far away from him
Even I know he was lying me
When I asked him about her existence
Even I know he was breaking inside me
When I loved him the same way
Even I know he was moving on
When I am still hoping he come back
Don’t ever asked me how painful it is.
I broke many times.
I cried many times.
I gave up many times.
But thanks to my friends’ advice,
I turn to Allah
I tried to stand up
I tried to get back myself
Even how hard it is, I fight back for myself.
Making my value higher than him.
One day, he came back.
Trying to close with me
While I am already start to forget him.
Telling how much he need me as friend
Because hurts with his new girlfriend.
I accepted him as a friend.
But that day, I changed
My words sound sarcastic.
He pissed off.
And said I never changed.
I laughed,
He never understand me.
And why should I must understand him.
He sent me here to make an obstacle.
And why should I give a damn about him.
He chose to leave me and go with her.
And why should I make him ease
The moment when I need him,
Where he is?
The moment I want his shoulder to lean on
Where he is ?
Damn, I make a fucking bullshit choice.
That’s what we called
What you give, you get back.
And baby, it’s payback time.
Felt sorry to my ex,
So I have never contact with him
Even he still being nice to me.
Being my friend
But no, I just can’t accepted his kindness
He is too kind to break his heart
So I make a choice not to disturb him
Not to disturb his life.
So with those two worst love story
Make me to make my mind
Close my heart closely
And don’t even open it
To anyone else.

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