Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Assalamualaikum and helo beasties.

How are you? Hope that you are in the pink of health. Please do take care of yourself because you had grown up. Dont bothers someone else to take care of you.  Well how are you being? Busy with study? Works? Or maybe have a vacation? Right now, I am "bertapa" di CAIS doing some works. Hahaha, yeah whatever.

Well, just now, i had some talk with my best buddy, Azraaaa. He is a boy and he is really my best friend ever. Recently, he had help me to get birthday wishes from Ramu Diraf. OMG, that was my best birthday ever. Siapa je tak suka kalau dapat ucapan dari orang yang kita minat for quit some time. Kan? Kau ade? Hahahaha.

Humming .....

Okay sebelum tu, Ir nak cerita about something. Semalam Ir login instagram and yeah update new picture. Then suddenly hati ni tergerak nak stalk dia. Scared and in the same time, I want, really want to give a visit to him. Well, in Malays, "Malangnya nasi sudah menjadi bubur." I cant turn back. Bila Ir buka je insta dia. His bio dah berubah. No more "PHIDOLPHIBIA ?" (Who cares bout the ejaan right now.)  But now, all about some lyrics which show him that he already has some interest to fall in love and he will never give up.


I told Azra about that. And he asked where do i know that? Sebab usually, kalau ada apa-apa pasal somekind that news, dia akan tahu dulu because they were classmates before and of course akan kecoh dekat group whatsapp kelas dorang sebab yeah, they kinda close friend actually. I said that I got that news from insta and suddenly Azraaaa gelak.

"Wehh, Ir tengah sedih dia boleh pergi bantai gelak."

I said to him that I had never forgot to ambil tahu about that guy. Because my eyes always on him even now we are really far away from each other. Yeahhh, kalau tak dulu, tiap-tiap malam nampak dia lalu dekat HEP untuk ke prep malam. But now, even we are contact for not officially yet as a friends, well, I am still afraid just to say hi. I am scared if he hate that. If he feel rimas and that kind of that stuff. You know that right. We never know how people feel unless they tell the truth.

"Sakit kalau orang yang kita sayang jauh dari kita,
Tapi lagi sakit kalau orang yang kita sayang buka pintu hati dia untuk someone else."


I thought if i make myself busy, so that i can forgot him. But no, I just can't. I miss him . I want to meet him. But no, I had promise him that i will forget him from the day we had over our matriculation. Unfortunately Ramu, I had broke my promise. I just can't forget you.

(Knocking the table.) ..

Ramu, in here, there are a lots guy with a full package ; Smart, rich, talented, good-looking, kinda stuff like that. ... But still you are the one i looking for. Can you just please realised for once that I am here waiting for you. Ah, gile agaknye aku. Mana mungkin dia nak pandang. Dia sama je macam manusia lain. Memandang rupa, barangkali. Honestly, I have no pretty face, gorgeous looking, elegant walking, talented , lack of weakness. But am i wrong if I said I want you.

Preparing ...

I said many times that I want to give up, but no, I said that because i wanna denied that you had just dumped me. Ramu, please don't fall for the pretty and gorgeous and elegant angels? Please, for once, can you do that? [HAHAHA.... :(   ] Because I am not give up yet.

Dah la, malas nak typing memanjang. I wanna go back hostel. Dah lama bertapa dekat CAIS ni. Sejuk , Beku . Haha.

Goodbye BEATIES.


Last-last, candy untuk korang .



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